Present Continuous Tense Examples

Present Continuous Tense Examples: Present Continuous tense is used to express the action which is going on at the present moment. Present Continuous tense can be expressed as Subject + HV + Verb + Ing + Object. Am, Is, Are are the helping verbs used in Present Continuous tense.

1. I am going to market.
2. We are going to market.
3. You are going to market.
4. He is going to market.
5. She is going to market.
6. It is going to market.
7. They are going to market.

Subject & Helping Verb Combinations:
1. I - am.
2. We/ You/ They - are.
3. He/ She/ It - is.

Note: The following verbs are not used in continuous form.
1. Verbs of Perception - Ex. see, hear, smell, notice etc.
2. Verbs of Appearance - Ex. appear, look, seem etc.
3. Verbs of Emotion - Ex. like, hope, hate, want etc.
4. Verbs of Thinking - Ex. know, agree, mind etc.
5. Verbs express Possession - Ex. own, possess etc.