Present Perfect Tense Examples

Present Perfect Tense Examples: Present Perfect tense is used to express an action which has just been completed and the result must be at present. Present Perfect tense can be expressed as Subject + HV + Verb (3) + Object. "Have & has" are the helping verbs used in Present Perfect tense.

Expressions like "already, just, just now, yet, today, this week, this month, this year,  till now" etc. show that a sentence is in Present Perfect Tense.

1. I have visited the market today.
2. We have played cricket this week.
3. You have passed the exam this year.
4. He has gone to market just now.
5. She has eaten an apple already.
6. It has rained today.
7. They have seen the movie this week.

Subject & Helping Verb Combinations:
1. I/ We/ You/ They - have.
2. He/ She/ It - has.

Note: Present Perfect Tense should not be used with adverbs/ adverbial phrases of definite time like "yesterday, last week, last evening, last year".