Types of Tenses in English Grammar with Examples

Types of Tenses  in English Grammar with Examples: "Tense" stands for a verb/ verbs used to express "Time" of action. Tense indicates whether an action/ activity/ state refers to Past, Present or Future. Thus there are three "Types of Tenses", namely Present Tense, Past Tense and Future Tense. Further each tense has four forms. Now let's discuss all the "Tenses with Examples".

1. Present Tense:
● Simple Present/ Present Indefinite
Ex: I eat cake.

● Present Continuous
Ex: I am eating cake.

● Present Perfect
Ex: I have eaten cake.

● Present Perfect Continuous
Ex: I have been eating cake.

2. Past Tense:
● Simple Past/ Past Indefinite
Ex: I ate cake.

● Past Continuous
Ex: I was eating cake.

● Past Perfect
Ex: I had eaten cake.

● Past Perfect Continuous
Ex: I had been eating cake.

3. Future Tense:
● Simple Future
Ex: I will eat cake.

● Future Continuous
Ex: I will be eating cake.

● Future Perfect
Ex: I will have eaten.

● Future Perfect Continuous
Ex: I will have been eating.

Now try to make some sentences in Present, Past & Future tenses using verbs - write, sing, play, dance, read etc. Replace pronoun I with We, You, He, She, It and They.

Note: Remember to add "s" at the end of the verb in case of third person singular (He/ She/ It) in Simple Present/ Present Indefinite tense.
Ex: He eats cake. She eats cake. It eats cake.

In the coming post we will discuss about usage of Present Tense with examples and exercises.